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Notes 31-39

37. Subsequent events


On 20 April 2009, the Group acquired an additional 15% stake in Vodacom for cash consideration of ZAR20.6 billion (£1.6 billion). On 18 May 2009, Vodacom became a subsidiary undertaking following the listing of its shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and concurrent termination of the shareholder agreement with Telkom SA Limited, the seller and previous joint venture partner. During the period from 20 April 2009 to 18 May 2009, the Group continued to account for Vodacom as a joint venture, proportionately consolidating 65% of the results of Vodacom.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (‘COSATU’) has instituted a court action against the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (‘ICASA’) challenging the decision of ICASA not to require Vodacom (Pty) Limited to seek ICASA’s approval in respect of the sale of shares in Vodacom by Telkom SA Limited to Vodafone Holdings (SA) (Pty) Limited, the Vodacom listing and other related inter-conditional transactions (the “Transactions”) and hence the validity of the Transactions. Vodacom and its subsidiary, Vodacom (Pty) Limited, are named as respondents in that action. Vodacom will oppose this court action.

Vodacom received a letter from ICASA on 15 May 2009 purporting to rescind its previous decision that the Transactions only required notification rather than prior approval from ICASA and stating that a public consultation process will take place. Vodacom continues to believe that only a notification of the Transactions to ICASA was required.


On 10 May 2009, Vodafone Qatar completed a public offering of 40% of its authorised share capital, raising QAR 3.4 billion (£0.6 billion). The shares are expected to be listed on the Doha securities market by July 2009.