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Political donations

At last year’s AGM, held on 29 July 2008, the directors sought and received shareholders’ approval for the Company and its subsidiaries to be authorised, for the purposes of Part 14 of the Companies Act 2006, to make political donations and to incur political expenditure during the period from the date of the AGM to the conclusion of the AGM in 2012 or 29 July 2012, whichever is earlier, up to a maximum aggregate amount of £100,000 per year.

Neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries have made any political donations during the year.

It remains the policy of the Company not to make political donations or incur political expenditure as those expressions are normally understood. However, the directors consider that it is in the best interests of shareholders for the Company to participate in public debate and opinion-forming on matters which affect its business. To avoid inadvertent infringement of the Companies Act 2006, shareholder authority has been sought as outlined above.