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Report from the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board in carrying out its responsibilities in relation to financial reporting requirements, risk management and the assessment of internal controls. The Audit Committee also reviews the effectiveness of the Company’s internal audit function and manages the Company’s relationship with the external auditors.

The composition of the Audit Committee is shown in the table and its terms of reference can be found on the Vodafone website ( By invitation of the Chairman of the Audit Committee, the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer, the Group Financial Controller, the Director of Financial Reporting, the Group Audit Director and the external auditors also attend the Audit Committee meetings. Also invited to attend certain meetings are relevant people from the business to present sessions on issues designed to enhance the Audit Committee’s awareness of key issues and developments in the business which are relevant to the Audit Committee in the performance of its role.

During the year ended 31 March 2009, the principal activities of the Audit Committee were as follows:

Financial reporting

The Audit Committee reviewed and discussed with management and the external auditors the half-year and annual financial statements, focusing on, without limitation, the quality and acceptability of accounting policies and practices, the clarity of the disclosures and compliance with financial reporting standards and relevant financial and governance reporting requirements. To aid their review, the Audit Committee considered reports from the Group Financial Controller and the Director of Financial Reporting and also reports from the external auditors, Deloitte LLP, on the scope and outcome of their half-year review and annual audit.

Risk management and internal control

The Audit Committee reviewed the process by which the Group evaluated its control environment, its risk assessment process and the way in which significant business risks were managed. It also considered the Group Audit Director’s reports on the effectiveness of internal controls, significant identified frauds and any identified fraud that involved management or employees with a significant role in internal controls. The Audit Committee was also responsible for oversight of the Group’s compliance activities in relation to section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Internal audit

The Audit Committee monitored and reviewed the scope, extent and effectiveness of the activity of the Group internal audit department and received reports from the Group Audit Director which included updates on audit activities and achievement against the Group audit plan, the results of any unsatisfactory audits and the action plans to address these areas, and resource requirements of the internal audit department. The Audit Committee held private discussions with the Group Audit Director at each meeting.

External auditors

The Audit Committee reviewed and monitored the independence of the external auditors and the objectivity and effectiveness of the audit process and provided the Board with its recommendation to the shareholders on the reappointment of Deloitte LLP as external auditors. The Audit Committee approved the scope and fees for audit and permitted non-audit services provided by Deloitte LLP.

Private meetings were held with Deloitte LLP to ensure that there were no restrictions on the scope of their audit and to discuss matters without management being present.

Audit Committee effectiveness

The Audit Committee conducts a formal review of its effectiveness annually, giving consideration to, amongst other things, frequency, timings and adequacy of the meetings, composition, adequacy of resources and interaction with management and concluded this year that the Audit Committee’s performance was effective and the Audit Committee had fulfilled its terms of reference.

Nick Land
On behalf of the Audit Committee