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US listing requirements

The Company’s American Depositary Shares are listed on the NYSE and the Company is, therefore, subject to the rules of the NYSE as well as US securities laws and the rules of the SEC. The NYSE requires US companies listed on the exchange to comply with the NYSE’s corporate governance rules but foreign private issuers, such as the Company, are exempt from most of those rules. However, pursuant to NYSE Rule 303A.11, the Company is required to disclose a summary of any significant ways in which the corporate governance practices it follows differ from those required by the NYSE for US companies. The differences are as follows:


  • NYSE rules require that a majority of the Board must be comprised of independent directors and the rules include detailed tests that US companies must use for determining independence.
  • The Combined Code requires a company’s board of directors to assess and make a determination as to the independence of its directors.

While the Board does not explicitly take into consideration the NYSE’s detailed tests, it has carried out an assessment based on the requirements of the Combined Code and has determined in its judgement that all of the non-executive directors are independent within those requirements. As at 19 May 2009, the Board comprised the Chairman, two executive directors and nine non-executive directors.


  • NYSE rules require US companies to have a nominating and corporate governance committee and a compensation committee, each composed entirely of independent directors with a written charter that addresses the committees’ purpose and responsibilities.
  • The Company’s Nominations and Governance Committee and Remuneration Committee have terms of reference and composition that comply with the Combined Code requirements.
  • The Nominations and Governance Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board and its other members are non-executive directors of the Company.
  • The Audit Committee is composed entirely of non-executive directors whom the Board has determined to be independent and who meet the requirements of Rule 10A-3 of the Securities Exchange Act.

The Company considers that the terms of reference of these committees, which are available on its website at, are generally responsive to the relevant NYSE rules but may not address all aspects of these rules.

Corporate governance guidelines

  • Under NYSE rules, US companies must adopt and disclose corporate governance guidelines.
  • Vodafone has posted its statement of compliance with the Combined Code on its website at The Company has also adopted a group governance and policy manual which provides the first level of the framework within which its businesses operate. The manual applies to all directors and employees.
  • The Company considers that its corporate governance guidelines are generally responsive to, but may not address all aspects of, the relevant NYSE rules.

The Company has also adopted a corporate Code of Ethics for senior executives, financial and accounting officers, separate from and additional to its Business Principles. A copy of this code is available on the Group’s website at