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Corporate responsibility

Key performance indicators(1)

KPI 2009 2008(2) 2007(3)
Vodafone Group excluding operations in India      
Energy use (GWh) (direct and indirect) 3,124 2,996 2,690
Carbon dioxide emissions (millions of tonnes) 1.31 1.37(4) 1.18(4)
Percentage of energy sourced from renewables 19 18 17
Estimate for operations in India(4)      
Energy use (GWh) (direct and indirect)(5) 2,049
Carbon dioxide emissions (millions of tonnes)(5) 1.90
Number of phones collected for reuse and recycling (millions) 1.82 1.33 1.03
Network equipment waste generated excluding operations in India (tonnes) 4,860 4,287(4) 9,960
Percentage of network equipment waste sent for reuse or recycling excluding operations in India 97 96 97


These performance indicators were calculated using actual or estimated data collected by the Group’s mobile operating companies. The data is sourced from invoices, purchasing requisitions, direct data measurement and estimations, where required. The carbon dioxide emissions figures are calculated using the kWh/CO2 conversion factor for the electricity provided by the national grid, suppliers or the International Energy Agency and for other energy sources in each operating company. The Group’s joint venture in Italy is included in all years.
The data for the 2008 financial year excludes operations in India and Tele2 in Italy and Spain.
The data for the 2007 financial year excludes the newly acquired operations in Turkey and the operations in Japan that were sold during the 2007 financial year.
Amounts related to the 2007 and 2008 financial years have been amended. Refer to the online CR report for further information.
The data includes the network sites managed by Vodafone and the network sites managed by Vodafone’s joint venture, Indus Towers.