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8. Share-based payments

The Company currently uses a number of equity settled share plans to grant options and shares to the directors and employees of its subsidiaries, as listed below.

Share option plans

  • Vodafone Group savings related and sharesave plans
  • Vodafone Group executive plans
  • Vodafone Group 1999 Long-Term Stock Incentive Plan and ADSs
  • Other share option plans

Share plans

  • Share Incentive Plan
  • Other share plans

At 31 March 2010 the Company had 266 million ordinary share options outstanding (2009: 333 million) and 1 million ADS options outstanding (2009: 1 million).

The Company has made a capital contribution to its subsidiaries in relation to share-based payments. At 31 March 2010 the cumulative capital contribution net of payments received from subsidiaries was £359 million (31 March 2009: £328 million, 1 April 2008: £313 million). During the year ended 31 March 2010 the capital contribution arising from share-based payments was £150 million (2009: £128 million), with payments of £119 million (2009: £113 million) received from subsidiaries.

Full details of share-based payments, share option schemes and share plans are disclosed in note 20 to the consolidated financial statements.

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