Notes to the consolidated
financial statements

15. Other investments

Non-current other investments comprise the following, all of which are classified as available-for-sale, with the exception of other debt and bonds, which are classified as loans and receivables, and cash held in restricted deposits:

Included within non-current assets:    
Listed securities:    
Equity securities 4,072 3,931
Unlisted securities:    
Equity securities 879 833
Public debt and bonds 11 20
Other debt and bonds 2,355 2,094
Cash held in restricted deposits 274 182
7,591 7,060
Included within current assets:    
Government bonds 388

The fair values of listed securities are based on quoted market prices and include the Group’s 3.2% investment in China Mobile Limited, which is listed on the Hong Kong and New York stock exchanges and incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong. China Mobile Limited is a mobile network operator and its principal place of operation is China.

Unlisted equity securities include a 26% interest in Bharti Infotel Private Limited, through which the Group has a 4.36% economic interest in Bharti Airtel Limited. Unlisted equity investments are recorded at fair value where appropriate, or at cost if their fair value cannot be reliably measured as there is no active market from which their fair values can be derived.

For public debt and bonds and cash held in restricted deposits, the carrying amount approximates fair value.

Other debt and bonds include preferred equity and a subordinated loan received as part of the disposal of Vodafone Japan to SoftBank. The fair value of these instruments cannot be reliably measured as there is no active market in which these are traded. As discussed in note 29, the Group has covenanted to provide security in favour of the Trustee of the Vodafone Group UK Pension Scheme in respect of the funding deficit in the scheme. The initial security takes the form of a Japanese law share pledge over 400,000 class 1 preferred shares of ¥200,000 in BB Mobile Corp, a subsidiary of SoftBank.

Current short-term investments of £388 million (2009: £nil) are classified as available-for-sale and consist of index linked government bonds which are held on an effective floating rate basis.

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