Vodafone Annual Report 2013 Film

We provide voice, messaging and data services to around 404 million mobile customers in over 30 countries and own 45% of America’s largest mobile operator, Verizon Wireless.

This year we generated over £44.4 billion in revenue and adjusted operating profit of around £12. billion.

Vodafone is one of the world’s most valuable telecoms brand.

While mobile phones are commonplace, there are still large opportunities for long-term growth.

Our Vodafone 2015 strategy reflects our confidence in the future. And our aims are set out to ensure we achieve what we know is possible.

Our consumer business, has a new strategic approach to pricing and bundling in Europe.

Our new Vodafone Red plans will help customers worry less about bills, While encouraging data usage and protecting our revenue.

We’ll also change pricing, so customers know exactly what they’ll pay.

We’ll keep improving Vodafone Red, with new extensions, a better value proposition and unbeatable customer experience.

With simpler IT, billing and customer service, our business will be more straightforward and cost efficient.

We’ll develop our unified communications services for residential customers in our major European markets.

Offering high-speed data services both at home and on the move.

We aim to build on our success, to become a clear leader in emerging markets, offering excellent long-term growth opportunities.

Making communications the foundation.

We aim to make the most of these opportunities with innovative and affordable services.

And strengthening our leading position with businesses of all sizes.

Vodafone Global Enterprise will keep expanding for multi-national customers, who’ll benefit from our global footprint. In unified communications, we continue to develop Vodafone One Net, and provide total-communications services to more of our larger customers.

In machine-to-machine where Vodafone already leads, there’s huge potential.

We’ll develop products in high-growth segments, such as cloud and hosting, to make best use of the expertise gained acquiring Cable & Wireless Worldwide.

Our goals depend on having the best network and technology.

We’ll keep investing, to give customers a video-standard data service in Europe and manage the high growth expected in data volumes.

To succeed in a highly competitive sector we need to balance efficiency and cost. While maintaining excellent services and returns.

Going forward we will simplify our business model, across and within countries, making the most of our size and sharing commercial, technical and support functions across Europe.

Future opportunities lie in network, and IT management unification across markets, In procurement and in offshoring.

These are the building blocks of our Vodafone 2015 strategy. We’re excited about the future, and hope you are too.